Personal Development

Passions and Ambitions pursuing..

Our passion is the powerful feeling of enthusiasm we all have inside us. Whether in secret or not we all have that one thing we do whole heartedly. For some its music, dance, arts, or even teaching. Before i further evaluate i must talk about success. It is usually associated with wealth, fame or whatever. True success is not about the $. To be truly successful you have to do what you truly desire even tho it does not generate as much income as other professions that are compelled on my the public or in worse cases parents(we all know its true most times).

“PASSION is is the genesis of genius”

What we desire the most should be our accomplishments. They are what we are truly proud of and what we bravely do despite rumours or backlashes being brought upon us. You can only truly feel successful by following YOUR passions and ambitions. Be determined to make sure it it works with all the effort and energy within you. The thing is i started this blog and i was happy about it until i met someone who told me it was a waste of time and no one reads blogs anymore. Thankfully, i had that one special person in my life who told me that no matter what people tell you, you should NEVER LET ANYONE TAKE YOUR PASSION FROM YOU.

“LIFE IS SHORT, live your dream and share you PASSION”

When you are proud of the work you do, you are better equipped to withstand any obstacles thrown against you. The things we love the most always have the greatest challenges against us. When we overcome, then we are truly passionate about it.


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