The STORY behind our names

Everyones name is unique in their own different way. There are over a thousand languages in the world and each name is unique. Yes we have a lot of “John’s”, “Amy”, “Sarah”. But what makes it unique is the story behind the name. Most people are named after someone special in their family. I am Nigerian and most of our names have deeper meaning and stories behind them. My name is Oluwafunke which means “God gave me to care for”. Our names have different pronunciations depending on what tribe  you’re from. Me being Yoruba i would have a different name and pronunciation than someone who is Igbo.

In Nigeria, names given are usually selected carefully because they do not only represent ones identity they represent a promise, a prayer from a parent to a child. When a child is born, list of names are selected between family members. On the seventh day, a ceremony is held where a set of names are given to a child usually 3-5 names all meaning different things. Giving a child a name means accepting the child as their own. Your last name doesn’t just represent you, it represents where you’re from. Your background and your story.

The things is, no matter where you are from or what your story is, your name is the most important thing to you. Its is who you are. It is what you’re given. Embrace it and live life to the fullest.



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