My favourite tv shows

For those who know me, then you know that i am a tv show junkie. From horror, to comedy, to drama I’m pretty much interested in any and everything. So it is safe to say that i am bursting with joy and absolutely nothing can spoil my week because most of my favourite shows are back. I can’t list all of them because trust me it is a very long list but i can definitely tell you a few on here. I’m sure most of you guys watch some of these shows and you are as exited as i am for their return. Here it goes..

Dr Ken                                                            Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Modern Family                                            Scream Queens

The Strain                                                       Empire

Blackish                                                          How to get away with Murder

New Girl                                                           Z-Nation

Im sure someone your favourite shows are listed above as well. And if not, you’re welcome to start watching some, if not all of these shows. Promise you it will be worth your time.

Have a lovely week. Until next time





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