imakeyoubeeliv- Dubai/Nigerian MUA


Makeup tutorials have been the go-to thing for girls everywhere. With so many MUA’s out there, we can say it has become pretty easy when learning how to wear your makeup. Todays feature is a Nigerian and Dubai-based MUA. With over 20k followers on Instagram and a good number of viewers on Youtube, imakeyoubeeliv surely does know her way around the glitz and glam of the beauty world. I recently approached her to do this feature and as an inspiring MUA myself I’m happy I did and got a feedback.

One would say with different products being introduced by different companies, it’s quite hard choosing the right one for the right job. From the different beauty blender foams to brushes, getting that perfect look can be hard. It takes time and a whole lot of effort to get it right. And even with that, one has to keep on trying in order to improve themselves.No one is the best at anything even though you see some eyeliners that are fleeked for the gods. You can  contact and follow her on Instagram at

Watching her videos, I myself have learnt a lot of things. New tricks and eyeshadow colors I’ve been personally afraid to try and that’s the beauty of having social media and MUA’s. I’ve seen so many styles that i can confidently say I’m ready to start on my own and make a name for myself.

Hoped you enjoyed my post.

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