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So for a while now I’ve always wanted to be a beauty blogger and it’s been a long time coming and i can finally say, that i have POSTED MY FIRST EVER MAKEUP VIDEO. I still have a lot to learn and I’m open to suggestions and criticism . I know this video is not perfect but heck it to me a damn long time editing lol. Thank you guys for taking your time to watch my video. Please don’t forget to like, subscribe and share. Thanks again for your support it means a lot to me.

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MAKEUP REVIEW: BH Cosmetics – sculpt and blend 2 brush set


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I just want to give you a review on the new brush set I got. We all know that they key to having our makeup looking flawless is having a really good brush set and I must say BH Cosmetics have really outdone themselves. I got two different brush sets from them but today I’m reviewing the “sculpt and blend 2” brush set. It’s the best set to get for highlighting and contouring your face. The brushes are really soft and they blend will on your face. There is no crease and the makeup really spreads on smoothly. This is one brush set I would definitely recommend for anyone. It is cheap and has good quality. BH cosmetics are always having a sale and it’s best to subscribe to get great deals and offers.

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My top 5 online makeup stores


I love trying new makeup products from different brands but finding that one store that you feel really gets you can be hard or let me say challenging. Well, I can say it has been a journey for me but i truly think I’ve found my favourite stop shops. This is a quick overview of my top 5 stores and as a student, you can’t tell I won’t go the extra mile of getting something my credit card might hate me for .

  • : Bh cosmetics always has something fun and exciting to try. From different shades to colors it’s no wonder many girls are obsessed with them. My new favourite things are their “Sculpt and Blend 2- 10 piece brush set” which is currently on sale for $20. It helps you contour your face so well it is truly magical. I’ve seen so many YouTubers use them and they are really good. I ordered one myself and i cant wait to get my package .Also, another product is the “Carli Bybel 14 Clor Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette “. It is so pigmented and it has a colour for different shades. You can go from chic to sultry with that palette. IT IS A MUST HAVE. The highlighters totally gave me a diva moment.

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imakeyoubeeliv- Dubai/Nigerian MUA


Makeup tutorials have been the go-to thing for girls everywhere. With so many MUA’s out there, we can say it has become pretty easy when learning how to wear your makeup. Todays feature is a Nigerian and Dubai-based MUA. With over 20k followers on Instagram and a good number of viewers on Youtube, imakeyoubeeliv surely does know her way around the glitz and glam of the beauty world. I recently approached her to do this feature and as an inspiring MUA myself I’m happy I did and got a feedback.

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My favourite tv shows

For those who know me, then you know that i am a tv show junkie. From horror, to comedy, to drama I’m pretty much interested in any and everything. So it is safe to say that i am bursting with joy and absolutely nothing can spoil my week because most of my favourite shows are back. I can’t list all of them because trust me it is a very long list but i can definitely tell you a few on here. I’m sure most of you guys watch some of these shows and you are as exited as i am for their return. Here it goes..

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Fun Weekend


Hey Guys,

so i spent my weekend celebrating one of my best friends birthday. We’ve known each other for 11 years now and there was no way i was going to pass up turning up with her lol. I’m writing this post so i can breakdown how i got this makeup glam lol. It’s actually a simple look but i wanted to share with you guys. The makeup products are not pricey asides from the foundation( i mean you have to spend money on at least one thing, it might as well be your foundation). The rest you can get them online as stated below or at your local drugstore.


Foundation- ESTĒE LAUDER (Double wear foundation) – 5N2 AMBER HONEY



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