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New Favourite hair products


Hey beauties

So, i finally gave my hair the big chop and i must say it feels so nice and i am in love with my curls. My hair has never been so soft and shiny in a long time because sadly my hair was really damaged. When i say damaged, i mean dry (i’m talking sahara dessert) , tied up in knots and terribly ashy. So i started using these products from the company “DEVA CURL” and i must say it has done wonders for my hair. My hair is stronger and healthier.

I wash my hair twice a week with these products. I use cold water because they are better for my curls and they help tighten them up and stretch them out . Their products consists of

  • “One Condition” : It is infused with olive oil and it moisturizes hair (which i really needed). It adds shine and provides frizz control.
  • “B’Leave-In” : This is a curl volumnizer that enhances fullness and strength

There are other products included in their brand but these are the products i use regularly when i wash my hair. For the conditioner, you can totally leave in your hair. It retains moisture and it is healthy. They are all really  good healthy products that don’t have chemicals that can damage your curls..

So that is my update for my hair so far and the products i use. I hope to update you guys regularly on this journey and i hope its an exiting one.

Ttyl beauties