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Personal Development

Passions and Ambitions pursuing..

Our passion is the powerful feeling of enthusiasm we all have inside us. Whether in secret or not we all have that one thing we do whole heartedly. For some its music, dance, arts, or even teaching. Before i further evaluate i must talk about success. It is usually associated with wealth, fame or whatever. True success is not about the $. To be truly successful you have to do what you truly desire even tho it does not generate as much income as other professions that are compelled on my the public or in worse cases parents(we all know its true most times).

“PASSION is is the genesis of genius”

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She is not the kind of girl to say her feelings out loud. Always keeps things to herself.Thoughts getting deeper, trying to find her place in the world. Hopefully with this she can finally let it all out. The world can be her audience hoping and praying no one judges her.

“speak your mind, even if your voice shakes” -Maggie Kuhn